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Durabond 7032 Stainless Steel Putty View full size

Durabond 7032 Stainless Steel Putty

Durabond 7032 is a stainless steel putty that is used to repair high temperature equipment and for plugging leaks in automotive maintenance and industrial applications.  It is usable to 1093°C / 2000°F 

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Durabond 7032 is a smooth creamy paste that will not run, sag or drip while applying and hardening starts in 60 minutes.  7032 has excellent adhesion and is resistant to most chemicals, solvents and high heat.  It can be machined, drilled or tapped and is ideal for high temperature repairs, plugging leaks, maintenance and industrial applications.  It is commonly used for production, automotive parts and repairs, machine assemblies, instrumentation, laboratory equipment etc.

Maximum Use Temperature 1093°C / 2000°F
Base Stainless Steel
Compressive Strength psi 5400
Bond Strength psi @ 537°C / 1000°F 1200
Thermal Expansion x10-5/°F 10 
Thermal Conductivity BTU in/Hr Ft°F 10 
Viscosity  Paste 
Density g/cc 3.5
Cure @ R.T. Hr 16


Product #    Description                                                     Temp Max C            Size                     
7032-1 Durabond stainless putty 1093      1 Lb
7032-2 Durabond stainless putty 1093 2 Lb



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