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Ceramic Adhesives


  • Fast Set Ceramic Adhesive

    A range of fast set ceramic adhesives for high temperature applications and ideal for use on production lines.

  • Metallic Composite Ceramic Adhesive

    Durabond adhesives and putties were specially formulated to bond metals, ceramics, and dissimilar materials for use to 2000ºF. These metallic composite adhesives, overcome the brittle bonds obtained with ceramics and offers some of the ductility and impact resistance associated with soldering and welding.

  • One Component Ceramic Adhesive

    A high purity, general purpose, room temp. curing adhesive with excellent adhesion to ceramics, graphite, metals and glass. Ideal for production applications where fast cures and automated dispensing is critical.

  • Putties

    Ceramic Putty is ideal for instant repairs, bonding, molding and forming components, bricks, furnace holders, high temp. thermal and electrical insulation, insulating pipes, supports, burners, etc

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