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Durabond 7025 High Temp Aluminium Putty

Durabond 7025 is a corrosion resistant aluminium putty that is specially formulated to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion, most chemicals and solvents.

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This moist creamy paste is easily troweled on to form a smooth surface that is ideal for any high temperature repair, rebuilding, manufacturing, industrial, automotive, or equipment application.  Durabond 7025 cures in 24 Hours at room temperature or 2 hours @ 121°C / 250°F to form a highly machinable aluminium composite usable to 537°C / 1000°F.  

Applications include rebuilding worn or eroded areas, repairing cracks and voids, sealing and protecting process equipment, rebuilding worn pumps, impellers, valves, motors, heat exchanges etc.  

Maximum Temperature 649°C / 1200°F
Base Al
Compressive Strength psi 4800
Thermal Expansion x10-5 10
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/hr Ft2°F 30 
Viscosity  Paste 
Density g/cc  2.2 
Cure @ R.T Hrs 16


Product #    Description                                                     Temp Max C            Size                     
7025-2 Durabond High Temp Aluminium Putty 537    2 Pounds
7025-1 Durabond High Temp Aluminium Putty 537 1 Pound


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