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Bond It 7056AL

Bond-IT 7056AL is a metal filled, super fast setting, machinable, repair epoxy. Its easy to use, just dispense, mix and trowel on. 7056AL easily cures at room temperature without any objectionable odors or "sticky fingers" that are common to most fast setting materials.


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Bond-IT 7056AL has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood etc.  It hardens in 4-8 minutes to form a hard, durable, metallic material that is machinable ith standard tools.  It can be tapped, drilled, threaded etc and is ideal for high temperature repairs, rebuilding, assembling etc. 

It has been used to make repairs to machinery and precision parts and to bond heater elements to aluminium trays.  

Maximum Use Temperature 230°C / 450°F
Density g/cc 1.5
Viscosity cps 40000
Shrinkage % max 0.3
Hardness shore D 65
Elongation % 3.0
Strength psi  10000
Thermal Conductivity BTU-in/hr Ft2°F 40 
Thermal Expansion x10-5/°C 3.4 
Colour  Silver 
Cure @ R.T. mins 4-16
Cure @ 93°C / 200°F mins  1-2 


Product #    Description                                                     Temp Max C            Size                     
7056AL-2 Bond It Fast Set Aluminium Adhesive 232      8 Oz


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