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7020 Thermeez

Thermeez 7020 is a moist creamy putty for repairs, insulation, bonding and fabrication of ceramic fibre components.  Thermeez is resistant to oxidising and reducing atmospheres, molten non-ferrous metals, steam, most chemicals and solvents.

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Thermeez 7020 is formulated with unique ceramic binders and high purity, Alumina Oxide based ceramics.  Apply and let dry to form a thermal and electrical insulating ceramic.

Applications include molding and bonding of cermaic fibre components, high temperature thermal and electrical insulation, insulation of pipes, supports, burners, turbines etc.  Thermeez 7020 has been used to repair sand castings used in a lost wax manufacturing process and repair of cracked or damaged ceramic insulations, furnaces, etc

Maximum Use Temperature  1648°C / 3000°F 
Melting Point  1760°C / 3200°F 
Density #/ft3  40 
Shrinkage  2% 
Modules of Rupture psi  800 
Compressive Strength psi 1500 
Specific Heat BTU / #°F  0.25 
Dielectric Strength  100 volts/mil 
Dielectric Constant @108 1.61
Thermal Conductivity BTU in/hr.ft2°F @ 500°F 0.65 
Thermal Conductivity BTU in/hr.ft2°F @ 1000°F  1.10 
Thermal Conductivity BTU in/hr.ft2°F @ 1500°F 1.50
Thermal Conductivity BTU in/hr.ft2°F @ 2000°F 1.55


Product #         Description                                                             Temp Max C            Size                      
7020-3 Thermeez ceramic putty 1760 11 Oz
7020-6 Thermeez ceramic putty 1760 1 Gallon
7020-7 Thermeez ceramic putty 1760 5 Gallons



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