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Duralco 4461

Duralco 4461 is a low viscosity epoxy, suitable for high temperatures, that flows easily and has excellent adhesion to most surfaces with high bond strength. The Duralco 4461 is a free flowing liquid adhesive that is ideal for forming ultra thin bond lines, impregnating, coating and encapsulating applications.  

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Duralco 4461 has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics, plastics, glass etc and cures at room temperature to provide chemical, solvent and corrosion resistance in any high temperature application.  It can be used up to 260°C as a protective coating for coils, filament, windings, optics, instrumentations and electronics.  Examples of use include encapsulation and bonding of fibre cable of 3000 strands in a 1/8" steel tube and potting of transformers for high temperature use.

Maximum Temp. 500°F / 260°C
Hardness Shore D 90
Tensile Strength psi 9,500
Thermal Conductivity Btu-In / Hr. Ft°C
Thermal Expansion 10-5/°C 5.4 
Dialectric Strength Volts/mil  450 
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm  1013 
Viscosity cps  3,600 
Thermal Stability 1000hr @ 200°C  0.2 
Moisture Absorbtion % 30 days  0.15 
Cure Hr @ R.T. 16
Cure Min @ 250°F 5
Components - Colour 2 - Amber


Product # Description Temp Max °C
4461-1 Duralco low viscosity epoxy 1 Pint kit 260
4461-2 Duralco low viscosity epoxy 1 Gallon kit 260
4461-3 Duralco low viscosity epoxy 5 Gallon kit 260



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