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Resbond 904 Ultra Temp Ceramic Adhesive

Resbond 904 is a smooth, creamy paste that is easily applied and air dries to form a hard surface and is resistant to molten metals, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, most chemicals and solvents, electricity, flame imingement and x-ray radiation etc.

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Resbond 904 is used for bonding, coating, encapsulating, thermocouple protection and is commonly used in the electronics, semi-conductor, instrumentation, aerospace, automotive, production and maintenance industries.

Examples of use include bonding exhaust lines to a thermogravimetric analyser's reaction chamber, bonding silica cloth to furnace tubes in a semi-conductor's clean room, coating graphite crucibles to protect from liquid zinc and coated to successfully protect aluminium panels from high intensity x-ray radiation in spacecraft.

Base ZrO2
Maximum use Temperature 2204°C / 4000°F
Compressive Strength psi 6000
Flexural Strength psi 3000
Dielectric Strength volts/mil 100
Thermal Expansion x10-6 /°F 4.1 
Thermal Conductivity BTU in /°F Ft2  10 
Viscosity  Creamy Paste 


Product #       Description Temp Max °C       
904-1 Resbond Stainless Based Adhesive 1 Pint 2204
904-2 Resbond Stainless Based Adhesive 1 Quart          2204




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