Latte Pro 480ml

  • One of the key elements in the making of any milk-based drink, including coffee, is achieving the optimum milk temperature.  This is difficult for baristas and domestic users to achieve every time without reliable tools, and often coffee is made too hot or too cold.  We have developed a product that assists baristas and home consumers to achieve the right temperature each time.

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Latte Pro™ is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug that does not require the use of a stick thermometer.  By integrating the temperature measurement within the jug, we have removed the risk of cross-contamination of milk types and hygiene-related issues due to the reinsertion of unclean stick thermometers.

The Latte Pro™ has benefits for:

  • Professional and part-time baristas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Domestic home users
  • Office and workplace kitchens
  • Barista training colleges

Features and Benefits


Quality stainless steel (grade 304)
  • Long life and dishwasher safe.

Three sizes available:
480ml, 600ml, 1000ml
  • Use in home, office or commercial situations.
  • Use only small, medium or large as needed.

Ergonomic handle
  • Comfort for constant use by hospitality users.
  • Colour silicon grommet for easy identification of milk type in each jug (3 per jug).

Large liquid crystal temperature display
  • Accuracy assured.
  • Consistency in temperature & no calibration required.
  • Colour association for training (green identifier for each temperature step makes it easy to identify when the target temperature has been reached).
  • Reduces waste.
  • No cross-contamination (stick thermometer not required).
  • Increased productivity due to increased speed.
  • Lower customer drink returns.
  • Lower OH&S and consumer safety risk.

Embedded dishwasher-safe temperature thermometer on two sides
  • Easily visible and suitable for both left and right handed users.
  • Highly durable surface and safe for all dishwashers.


Business Benefits

Market testing has revealed the nature and extent of the benefits that may accrue for hospitality businesses.  These benefits are described below:

  • Staff training is much easier to conduct when there are many operators within the outlet making beverages, including coffees. Latte Pro™ helps staff to see and also feel the correct temperature.  Additionally others can easily view the process and observe the thermometer progressing to temperature indicators.

  • Adopting milk temperature standards is much easier as the business can make a decision about which temperature is the standard, and then brief all staff on the appropriate number to use.  Other staff and supervisors can then monitor this operationally, as the Latte Pro™ temperature is easily visible.

  • Lower public risk is experienced as the operator can verify the correct temperature.  This assists to protect the business from possible claims for scalding customers.

  • Product returns due to over or under heated milk are lower.  Business users of Latte Pro™ experience a stable and reliable beverage outcome, and as such do not experience the associated difficulties with customers who wish to return drinks that are too hot or cold.

  • Staff confidence increases, as they are able to rely on an accurate device that is easy to use.

  • Latte Pro™ saves time, as it does not require an additional piece of equipment such as a stick thermometer that needs to be washed and sanitised regularly.

  • Contamination between milk types is less likely as pitchers that are being used for full cream, light or soy milk are quickly identified through use of the colour grommets.

  • The Latte Pro™ thermometer does not require any calibration and remains accurate over time.

  • Latte Pro™ is highly durable and dishwasher safe in commercial environments and does not require replacement as regularly as standard stick thermometers that become inaccurate and eventually fail.


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